Turn your industrial roof into a solar power plant


Turn your industrial roof into a solar power plant

Our UNIVERSAL PV Module bends the rules by combining the advantages of conventional and thin film technology. This is made possible by technology that uses a patented process to encapsulate monocrystalline silicon cells in pre-preg (fibreglass reinforced composite material). DAS Energy modules are flexible in form, design and appearance. They are suited to almost any application: directly integrated within architecture (facades, roofs), in challenging structural-physical situations (e.g. flat roofing), on protected historical buildings and where a mobile solution is required.

Installing the DAS Energy UNIVERSAL PV modules only takes a fraction of the time and costs required for traditional products. No substructure is required, which makes it easy to customise the PV modules to meet the conditions on site. DAS Energy PV modules are simply glued on, meaning that no holes need to be drilled into the roof.

The patented surface structure of the DAS Energy module is almost glare-free and thus also suited to use in the vicinity of airports. The resulting increased capacity to absorb sunlight also results in a higher energy output.

Thanks to their frameless and glass-free design, DAS Energy PV modules can be manufactured in any shape and size with up to 66 monocrystalline cells (with a similar output to traditional glass modules). Furthermore, DAS Energy PV modules can be deployed at many locations where traditional PV systems are unfeasible.



11x6 UNIVERSAL project module for large photovoltaic projects

Our 11x6 project module was specially designed for large photovoltaic projects. The weight advantage (only 3.3 kg/m2) allows easy handling during installation and with the bonding technology, the installation time is significantly reduced. Thus, large industrial roof areas can be quickly and easily converted into energy roofs. The 11x6 project module is equipped with 66 monocrystalline silicon cells and with an output of 330 Wp. The junction box can be mounted on the back or front, but is generally centered on the PV module.

With the DAS Energy 11x6 project module for industrial and commercial roofs, DAS Energy offers the perfect mix of cost-effectiveness, power output and handling.

For all special photovoltaic projects where other module sizes are required, we offer the possibility to configure a customized photovoltaic module:

UNIVERSAL PV-Modul Konfigurator 

Flat roofs and facades

Bitumen and membrane surfaces

Roof surfaces are a popular choice for photovoltaic systems. DAS Energy's technology makes using and accessing these surfaces even easier and more efficient. The ultra-lightweight PV modules can be installed in a variety of ways, meaning they are suited to mounting on roofs or facades posing difficult structural or physical challenges.

The UNIVERSAL PV Modules can be installed on both horizontal surfaces and facades, thanks to a weight of just 3.3 kg/m2. This opens up a whole host of possibilities for harvesting additional solar energy. DAS Energy combines appealing design with functionality and can be installed on almost any surface. Furthermore, you can customise the size, shape and colour of the PV modules to meet your individual needs.

Bitumen sheets are usually applied in two layers on flat roofs and welded together at the overlapping points. A bitumen roof has the advantage that it is absolutely impermeable to water when properly processed. Flat roofs with bitumen sealing offer the greatest security against leaks, especially during the construction period. In order not to impair the bitumen surface, DAS Energy Modules are glued directly to the bitumen surface by our assembly team.


Protected Historic Buildings and Areas

Universal PV modules for an aesthetic city

Many cities have protected historical buildings or areas that are central to their identity. In Vienna, buildings have been protected from demolition or changes in character since 1972 in an attempt to safeguard the historic appearance of the city. DAS Energy PV modules can however be installed on these protected monuments. The appearance of the building from the city remains unchanged, as the modules are integrated into the roof. Weighing only 3.3 kg/m2, the panels are also suited to older roofs with a limited carrying capacity.


Trapeze and Standing Seam Roofing

Perfectly integrated PV modules

DAS Energy UNIVERSAL PV modules are designed in such a way that they can be integrated into any aluminum roof and facade system. A good example of the use of DAS Energy PV modules on standing seam roof systems is shown in the largest and most modern waste incineration plant in Kraków, Poland. The 12x2 DAS Energy PV modules are used here on straight, convex and concave rounded aluminum surfaces from the aluminum roof and facade system company Kalzip.


Aluminum roof and facade systems

In contrast to metal trapezoidal profiles, standing seam roofs are much wider. The pre-profiled, mostly 400 - 600 mm wide sheets with maintenance on both long sides are now used in a variety of ways. While trapezoidal metal profiles are used for simple factories and warehouses, standing seam roof systems are also used in modern industrial, commercial and residential buildings thanks to their timeless, elegant surface. A DAS Energy PV module can be glued directly to the sheet metal surface between two folds - and thus optimally integrated.

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