Innovative Produkteigenschaften
Innovative Produkteigenschaften

DAS Energy Product Features

Developed in Austria 

Flexible and Lightweight 3.3 kg/m

We replace the traditional glass pane with a highly transparent composite material, allowing us to attain a weight of just 3.3 kg/m2. This is significantly lower than traditional glass modules, which weigh on average over 20 kg/m2. This allows our modules to be installed on all roof constructions, including those unable to support traditional modules.

The patented technology of the modules consists primarily of a proprietary fibreglass reinforced plastic core (pre-preg), which is resposible for the flexibility and stability. Their flexibility allows them to fit the contours of curved surfaces. 


Installation - everything from a single source

DAS Energy modules can be installed in a variety of ways and affixed with glue, screws, rivets, magnets or grommets on all types of roofs and facades. Our experienced specialists support you from the first consultation to the installation of your photovoltaic system and accompany you on the way to your clean energy solution. At DAS Energy you get the product, planning and installation of your PV system from a single source.

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Patented technology

Our photovoltaic cells are encapsulated in fibreglass reinforced PET sheets using a patented process, which allows our DAS Enegy modules to be just 2mm thick. The sustainable technology behind out modules is setting new standards, delivering high-quality products with exceptional efficiency and a long life.

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High energy output and weather resistant

Suited for all weather conditions – power output remains constant even in environments with high heat, UV radiation, sand storms and dust. The structured, anti-reflective, dirt-repellent and transparent surface of the DAS Energy PV modules results in light coupling - the so-called light trapping effect.

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Custom tailored solutions

DAS Energy combines both aesthetics and functionality across a wide range of solutions. Size, shape and colour of the modules can be customised to your requirements. Depending on your needs, between 8 and 72 cells can be combined in a single module. The junction box can be mounted on either the front of back of the module. The only limit is your imagination!

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