Leightweight & semi transparent


Urban agricultural photovoltaic system for greenhouses

The semi-transparent PV module series from DAS Energy has been specially designed for applications where allowing indoor sunlight is an important consideration. Greenhouses are a prime example of this. The plants cultivated within require warmth – generated by the greenhouse effect – as well as sunlight in order to grow. In summer, particularly in regions closer to the equator, it can quickly become too warm inside the greenhouse. DAS Energy offers the perfect combination to deal with these challenges: a semi-transparent PV module that can provide shade while also generating electricity.

Semi-transparent and ultra-lightweight PV modules from DAS Energy offer sufficient diffuse light for plants growing in greenhouses, protect the plants from too much heat in summer, while also producing electricity to power all the electrical systems such as ventilation, watering and lighting.

Greenhouse PV Module

Temperature properties

Operating temperature range -40°C bis +85°C
Temperature coefficient of Isc +0,07 % / °C
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0,36 % / °C
Temperature coefficient of Pmpp -0,38 % / °C
High efficiency silicon cell
Unique low degradation warranty
High yield in any position
Patented multi-layer cell encapsulation
EFTE front sheet
Easy to install
Tailor-made options available
Extremely weatherproof

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