DAS Energy Sales Partners
DAS Energy Sales Partners

Strong partners - globally

We want to take clean energy where it is needed – globally. In order to meet our stringent quality demands, we rely on a strong network of sales partners. The DAS Energy partner network is on hand to provide you with the ideal solution for your photovoltaic system.


sustainable energy solutions
Bahnstraße 18, 
A-2620 Neunkirchen

ADNEXUM sustainable energy solutions is an electrical engineering office based in Lower Austria. We as general contractor offer engineering, procurement and construction solutions of photovoltaic projects and ensure reliable power generation from renewable sources. 

We believe in sustainable power generation to mitigate the increasing power demand and take the responsibility for our common future. 


Energiefabrik GmbH
Leinpfad 68
22299 Hamburg
Phone:  +49 (0)40 822 99 19 22
Fax:        +49 (0)40 18158873
Mobile: +49 (0)175 299 08 28

Seit vielen Jahren berät und begleitet die Energiefabrik ihre Kunden bei der Erstellung von Konzepten für die Energieeinsparung bzw. die Erzeugung von Energie für den Eigenbedarf. Unser Anspruch ist eine umfassende Beratung im Hinblick auf zukunftsweisende innovative Ideen, die uns bei der Erfüllung unserer Leistungsverprechen nachhaltig unterstützen.

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Solarmarkt GmbH 
Neumattstrasse 2 
5000 Aarau, Schweiz 
+41 62 834 00 80 

For decades, Solarmarkt has brought together people and photovoltaics in pursuit of our sustainable energy goals – which we can only reach together. To this end, we provide you with reliable support for your photovoltaic projects. Our technical expertise and use of innovative solar components mean we can help you solve any challenge you face in the field of photovoltaics.

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Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg

COMDIS Europe bv
Industriepark Delften 23, Units 26 – 27
2390 Westmalle, Belgium
+32 3 366 6556
+32 475 486 255

We provide professional clients with innovative solutions to reduce their energy bills. Be sure to ask about our ESCO proposals, which require no up-front investment. We take care of financing the project in full, with repayments lower than the effective savings.

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EffiCent Energieeffizienz
Dienstleistungen GmbH
Handelskai 265
1020 Wien, Österreich 
+43 1 727 10 - 222 

EffiCent is a new company founded by Vienna Marketing & Energycontracting AG. We offer comprehensive energy planning and optimisation for communal, regional and industrial energy efficiency projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Slovenia.

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United Kingdom

Photonic Universe Ltd
TMS House, Cray Avenue, Orpington 
Kent BR5 3QB, United Kingdom 
+44 (0) 203 150 1111 

Photonic Universe Ltd is an established supplier of solar, wind and other battery charging solutions based in London, United Kingdom. We primarily offer solar and wind power products, including complete solar systems for various applications. Our thousands of worldwide clients rely on our products to generate clean energy for their households, vehicles and boats, as well as in remote areas with power requirements for farming, monitoring or telecommunications purposes. 

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