Roof-integrated solar solutions for standing seam roofs
Roof-integrated solar solutions for standing seam roofs


Modern and innovative solar architecture for standing seam systems

DAS Energy and Kalzip have jointly developed an innovative solar solution called AluPlusSolar, which is specially designed for Kalzip metal systems. This solution involves attaching ultra-thin fiberglass PV modules from DAS Energy directly to the surface of Kalzip profiles. AluPlusSolar is available as a roof-integrated solar solution directly from Kalzip and is typically used on new build roof and façade systems. This solution has already been successfully implemented in numerous projects, including listed buildings.

For newly planned AluPlusSolar Kalzip projects, please contact KALZIP directly

Retrofit for existing Kalzip systems

For existing Kalzip systems, DAS Energy solar modules can be retrofitted onto the Kalzip profiles or standing seam system. The cabling of this PV system normally remains visible on the outside of an existing Kalzip cladding.

Image kalzip-solar-dach

Alternative SolarClad

As an alternative solar retrofit, DAS Energy PV modules can be attached to the Kalzip cladding using specially developed fixing clips (FA PV from Kalzip & DICONAL). With this method, the cabling is placed behind the standing seam profiled sheets.



AluPlusSolar project references 

These different methods offer flexibility to integrate solar solutions into both new builds and existing Kalzip systems to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

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