Installed capacity: 61 kWp

Installed PV modules: 80 pc., 12x6M FJB 340 Wp

Type of roof: Flat roof, Bitumen membrane, roof with low load-bearing capacity

Mounting system: Innotec Versabond, glued directly onto the bituminous membrane




Installed capacity: 3,3 MWp, 74 gas stations

Installed PV modules: Conventional glass-foil-modules

Type of roof: Flat roofs

Mounting system: Metal substructure for conventional glass-foil-modules


DAS Energy Headquater Wr. Neustadt


Installed capacity: 170 kWp
Installed PV modules: 996 pc., 3x12M FJB 180 Wp
Type of roof: metal arched roof
Type of installation: diectly glued onto the metal rooftop with Innotec Adheseal and double-sided tape



Ice sport arena, AT


Installed capacity: 320 kWp

Installed PV modules: 1000 pc., 11x6M FJB 330 Wp

Type of roof: gable roof with synthetic foil sealing membrane

Type of installation: directly glued onto the synthetic membrane


Klingele GmbH, DE

Klingele GmbH, DE


Installed Capacity: 445kW

Installed PV modules: 1777 pc, type 11x6M 330kW

Surface: PVC-foil

Installation type: modules were directly glued to the surface with Innotec Versabond



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