Maritime PV Module
ENERGY on board


Stand-alone energy on board

The mobile MARITIME PV module is not only a high performance module that ensures energy independence on yachts and boats, but has also been designed with the special weather conditions at sea in mind. The Maritime PV module guarantees sustained high energy production even in locations with high concentrations of salt and ammoniac gas. In 2016, DAS Energy received the double standard salt mist corrosion testing certificate according to IEC 61701 (Class 6) by TÜV Nord.


DAS Energy PV modules: Minimised surface to reduce wind impact 

The method of mounting the DAS Energy PV modules is an additional advantage in windy coastal regions. Because the modules are glued to the metal without additional affixing materials, they offer no area exposed to the wind.







Technical Specifications

    Imp 8,86 A
    Isc 9,28 A
    Cable 2 x 0,9 m, 4 mm2
    Weight 3,3 kg/m2
    Plug PV4-S
    Back Highly resistant PET
    Solar Cells 5BB monocrystalline
    Front Dirt-repellent ETFE film
    Junction box TÜV-certified (IP67 / 68) with bypass diodes
    Cell embedding Patented glass fiber reinforced plastic
    Maximum system voltage 1000 V
    Reverse current loading capacity 20 A



Temperature properties
Operating temperature range -40°C bis +85°C
Temperature coefficient of Isc +0,07 % / °C
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0,36 % / °C
Temperature coefficient of Pmpp -0,38 % / °C

Our anti-reflective, dirt-repellent and light absorbent surface guarantees the maximum electrical yield of our PV modules. By continually improving the properties of our surface structure, we use the light trapping as much as possible. Our PV modules are ideally suited for installation on roofs and facades where reflections are a disadvantage, for example near airports or large cities.

High efficiency silicon cell
Unique low degradation warranty
High yield in any position
Patented multi-layer cell encapsulation
EFTE front sheet
Easy to install
Tailor-made options available
Extremely weatherproof
DAS Energy Maritime Module

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