Mobile & customized PV solutions
Mobile & customized PV solutions

SPECIAL PV Solutions

Mobile and custom-tailored

We always want to push our technology forwards. To us that means: photovoltaic solutions that adapt to your requirements. We work in close cooperation with our clients in order to achieve optimum results, placing great importance on the high standards of our photovoltaic technology and your individual requirements. DAS Energy offers a wide range of products that combine great aesthetics with functionality. You can customise the size, shape and colour to meet your individual requirements.

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Photovoltaics on noise barrier walls

On Austria's motorways and expressways, a total of 1,400 km of noise protection walls offer not only protection from noise, but also possible new suitable areas for energy generation. On this topic DAS Energy started the new pilot project "Photovoltaics on noise barrier".

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Maritime PV applications 

Stand-alone energy on board

DAS Energy UNIVERSAL PV modules are not only high performance modules that ensure energy independence on yachts and boats, but have also been designed with the special weather conditions at sea in mind. The modules guarantee sustained high energy production even in locations with high concentrations of salt and ammoniac gas. In 2016, DAS Energy received the double standard salt mist corrosion testing certificate according to IEC 61701 (Class 6) by TÜV Nord. The method of mounting the DAS Energy PV modules is an additional advantage in windy coastal regions. Because the modules are glued to the metal without additional affixing materials, they offer no area exposed to the wind.

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Mobile PV solutions for vehicles

PV solutions for campers

Using solar power in boats, tents, containers, golf carts and other vehicles is a massive challenge. DAS Energy combines good looks with functionality, allowing you to customise the size, shape and colour of the modules, and the modules can conform to the contours of almost any surface.

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Solar Roof PV-Modul

Faserzementplatten mit integrierten Solarzellen

Mit der jüngsten Produktentwicklung gelang DAS Energy die perfekte Kombination aus nachhaltiger Stromproduktion und ästhetischer Dachlandschaft. 

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Solar solutions for large tents

DAS Energy and the German tarpaulin manufacturer Seybold have developed a joint solution to make large tents, such as those used by the German Army, the Red Cross or even civil defense, self-sufficient and supply them with sustainable solar power.

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The DAS Energy Solar Container is ready to generate electricity after just a short installation period. The modules have an output of between 24 and 80 kWp, enough to provide 250 households with clean energy.   

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Special PV solutions