Waste incineration plant becomes solar power plant
16th March 2021

Waste incineration plant becomes solar power plant

To be more precise, the ultra-light and flexible modules were installed on the architecturally remarkable building of the Krakow waste incineration plant on a Kalzip facade system. In total, the south-facing facade was equipped with 152 24-cell DAS Energy Universal PV modules as part of a pilot project.

The flexible modules are equipped with highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells and adapt perfectly to the curved shape of the metal facade. The individual modules were glued directly onto the sheet metal covering between the standing seams without any additional fastening material. The architecture of the building remains largely unaffected.

Colored or green solar cells could also be used in the future. This would enable the PV system to be integrated even better into the building.

With this highly efficient solar power plant, 12,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity are generated annually and almost 14.2 tons of CO2 are saved.

The electricity produced is used to run the building.


DAS Energy Universal Module

MKrakow waste incineration plant 

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