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DAS Energy is a green tech company headquartered in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. We specialise in

PV solutions for surfaces with a low carrying capacity – all made in Austria.

With a clear focus on development and innovation, we combine modern photovoltaic technology with fibreglass materials from aircraft manufacturing, making us a global pioneer of innovative photovoltaic solutions of a new generation:

Flexible. Ultra-lightweight. Patented.


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DAS Energy delivers the Universal PV module in any size up to our 66-cell high performance module: glass-free, frameless, flexible, ultra-lightweight, easy to install, robust and long-lasting

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Product Benefits

All of our innovative PV modules at a glance. DAS Energy's PV modules offer unique advantages and are suited to a wide range of applications

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Where innovation is born: take a tour through the DAS Energy technology process

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