PV system for elementary school Wriedel, Germany
12th September 2022

PV system for elementary school Wriedel, Germany

In the community of Wriedel in Germany, an elementary school was equipped with a Kalzip AluPlusSolar roof system including a roof-integrated DAS Energy photovoltaic system.

For the innovative Kalzip AluPlusSolar roof system, around 246 PV modules of type 12x2M 120Wp were bonded directly to the aluminum profiles. The installed capacity of the PV system is 28 kWp and corresponds to CO2 savings of approximately 9 tons per year.

For a harmonious appearance, the junction boxes were mounted on the back of the modules and are therefore not visible. 

The DAS Energy PV modules are produced in Austria on the basis of glass fiber reinforced plastic and, due to their light weight (3.3 kg/m2 vs. 20 kg/m2), are also used for roof surfaces with low bearing loads, as well as for building-integrated and building-applied PV systems (roof and facade).


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