DAS Energy photovoltaic in the heart of Vienna
18th March 2021

DAS Energy photovoltaic in the heart of Vienna

The energy transition has arrived in the inner city of Vienna. The building, which is under ensemble protection, was a special task for architect Daniel M. Eberhart and DAS Energy.

In February, a 10 kWp PV system was installed for the first time on an ensemble of protected manorial old building in the heart of Vienna. The ultra-modern PV system was installed on the green standing seam roof within 2 days. A total of 87 ultra-light DAS Energy modules with 115 Wp each were used. The modules specially designed for standing seam roofs were glued directly onto the sheet metal covering between the standing seams. The solar power plant in the middle of Vienna should now produce 10,400 kWh annually and save the equivalent of 3 tons of CO2 per year.

This special project makes it clear - DAS Energy Modules can also be integrated excellently in sensitive protection zones.

Monument and ensemble protection is an important issue in cities around the world. In Vienna, the old town preservation amendment has been protecting certain zones from demolition and remodeling of certain buildings and thus also the historical cityscape since 1972.

Conventional PV modules are out of the question on ensemble-protected roofs because of their high weight and appearance. However, DAS Energy Modules can also be optimally integrated in protection zones. Since they are glued directly between the standing seams, they do not interfere visually. The light weight
of 3.3 kg2 per 1qm2 is also suitable for roofs with a low load-bearing capacity.

In terms of the energy transition, it is only a matter of time before further projects of this type will follow in Vienna. Because one thing is certain - the roofs and facades of Vienna hold great potential for clean energy generation.

"The energy turnaround is a central component of climate protection. As early as 2030, we want to produce 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energies in Austria."

Leonore Gewessler, Climate protection minister of Austria, August 2020 


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