DAS Energy supports the social educational association 'Natur Tier Mensch' with solar energy
2nd February 2022

DAS Energy supports the social educational association 'Natur Tier Mensch' with solar energy

The association "Natur Tier Mensch Akademie" offers socially disadvantaged young people in Austria psychological care in the form of advice, supervision, team building and adventure days. Social-educational leisure projects in nature are offered.

“Young people are very important to us. As an alternative to the existing school system, we offer the opportunity to learn the things you need for life. With our project WeWoMo (Werkstatt-Wohn-Mobil) we are independent of location and can offer our services on the go. ”, says Christian Haas, founder of the association.

In autumn 2021, the converted M.A.N. Christian Haas' truck equipped with a total of 13 PV modules from DAS Energy (11x6, 350 Wp). Since then, 8 PV modules have been glued to the roof of the truck, 5 PV modules are set up on camping sites or attached to the back of the truck, depending on requirements.

The PV modules cover the energy supply in different areas of the basic supply:
2 modules are used to drive the water pump, the operation of the integrated refrigerator and the light. 6 modules charge some batteries with 48 V, which thus offer 8 kW of actual power available. As soon as the batteries are full, the electricity flows directly into the hot water tank.
Social worker Christian Haas uses a 3 kW inverter to operate an oven for cooking (2 hotplates and an oven with approx. 1.5 kW). The mobile devices that require 220V - such as the vacuum cleaner in combination with a circular saw, router, up to the portal milling machine, can also be operated via the inverter. Everything you need to survive in the wilderness.  

First feedback already after 3 weeks

“Now in summer or autumn I can say that the 2 modules for basic care have been chosen to be just right. They deliver more electricity than needed, which means that enough energy is produced in winter despite the few hours of sunshine.

The 6 modules are currently delivering more power than can be consumed. Out of interest, I have already consciously discharged the batteries to 50% to see what power the system generates. The system with 8 modules generated a total output of 29 kWh in 3 weeks. The daily maximum was 1.8 kW,” says Christian Haas.

The DAS Energy PV modules can be attached to any mobile surface. Since the modules can also be bent in a large radius, the roof shape can also be designed like that of a circus wagon. In order to optimize the performance of the system and to create rear ventilation, the PV modules for this project were mounted on a trapezoidal sheet.



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