The house made of hemp & sun
27th July 2020

The house made of hemp & sun

A house made from agricultural waste that runs on solar energy. What sounds like “too good to be true” in terms of air conditioning is reality in Morocco. The Sunimplant project combines a natural, regional resource, namely hemp, with innovative photovoltaic technology from Wiener Neustadt from DAS Energy.

The project was implemented as part of the international Solar Decathlon competition. The aim is to develop building forms that are operated exclusively with solar energy and at the same time adapt to their surroundings. Sunimplant has achieved this through the use of the hemp plant.

The climate chameleon

The house is inspired by the needs and influences of a remote region in Morocco, the Central Rif. The hemp plant has been planted in this area since the 10th century. The Sunimplant was developed from the waste generated during cultivation.

To combat the effects of climate change and deforestation in the Central Rif, not only local resources were used, but also traditional architectural forms. The spherical construction made of hemp fiber saves material and energy and at the same time offers space for 72 photovoltaic cells.

The all-round view

The special thing about it is that the photovoltaic cells from DAS Energy can be attached as a 360-degree installation. The combination of fiberglass materials from aircraft construction with crystalline silicon solar cells creates a flexible, lightweight and at the same time stable technology for generating solar energy.

A dirt and light-resistant anti-reflective surface ensures maximum electrical efficiency of the modules and contributes to the fact that the Sunimplant house in the rural region of Morocco is grid-independent and can withstand environmental influences.

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