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DAS Energy PV Configurator
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DAS Energy Project PV module

11x6 UNIVERSAL PV module for industrial roofs

The Project module at DAS Energy is the Universal 11x6 PV module. This module is specially designed for large photovoltaic projects. The weight advantage (only 3.3 kg/m2) allows easy handling during installation and with the bonding technology, the installation time is significantly reduced. Thus, large industrial roof areas can be quickly and easily converted into energy roofs. 

Our Project module is equipped with 66 monocrystalline silicon cells with an output of 330 Wp. The junction box can be mounted on the back or front, but is generally located in the center of the photovoltaic module. With our Project module for large roof areas we offer a perfect mix of cost-effectiveness, power output and handling.

For PV projects, where other photovoltaic module sizes are required, we offer the possibility to configure a customized photovoltaic module. 

Following module sizes are in stock: 

11x6M     FJB 12x2M     FJB 9x4M     FJB 9x6M FJB

For all other module sizes, the stock level must be requested. From an order value of 5,000 EUR the production of modules that are not in stock is possible.

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