PV system for 400-year-old Dominican monastery in Mechelen, Belgium
6th September 2022

PV system for 400-year-old Dominican monastery in Mechelen, Belgium

Innovative Solartechnologie und Denkmalschutz sind vereinbar - das demonstriert aktuell dieses einzigartige Projekt in Belgien - auf dem 400 Jahre alten Dominikanerkloster "Het Predikheren" in Mechelen wurde diesen Sommer eine 21 kWp PV-Anlage installiert.

Unobtrusive, powerful and weatherproof 
AluPlusSolar - profiled panels from Kalzip with lightweight (3.3 kg/m2) integrated photovoltaic modules from DAS Energy - were installed on the roof of the monastery. In this way, a total of 180 highly efficient 12x2M 120Wp solar modules were installed over an area of 160m2, providing an installed capacity of 22 kWp

Since the Kalzip 50/444 profile which has been used, has the modules interconnected on the rear side, a high level of weather protection is guaranteed throughout the year, an important point for historic renovation projects. 

Both the aluminum profile from Kalzip and the solar modules from DAS Energy (only 3.3 kg/m2) are significantly lighter than other roof coverings or conventional glass modules (from 20kg). This significantly simplifies handling and processing. The new PV system on the monastery is thus not only sustainable, almost maintenance-free and efficient - it also ensures that the old Predikherenklooster will remain a silent witness to our times for a long time to come and for future generations.


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