The future starts now
9th September 2020

The future starts now

In close cooperation with project partner DAS Energy and lighting manufacturer ONTOPx in Kaltenleutgebner Strasse in Vienna-Liesing, the "waiting hall of the future" was created, Austria's first waiting hall that generates clean and sustainable energy using special solar foil on the roof. With the generation of green electricity and the associated energy self-sufficient supply of the waiting hall, EPAMEDIA makes an important contribution to CO2 neutrality, which the company has been committed to since the beginning of the year.


Outdoor advertising with a clear conscience

“For EPAMEDIA, climate protection is a path with no alternative that we want to take as a company and that we also have to take with a view to future generations. With the commissioning of the “waiting hall of the future” we have set an ecological signal in the public awareness process and have proven that CO2 neutrality has finally arrived in outdoor advertising, ”explain EPAMEDIA CEOs Brigitte Ecker and Alexander Labschütz.

Thanks to the know-how of DAS Energy, the pilot project demonstrates that out-of-home advertising and climate protection do not have to be in contradiction in times of advancing digitalization. With the installation of the flexible and optimally adapted module size of the special film for the power supply of the city lights integrated in the waiting hall, the photovoltaic specialist from Wiener Neustadt drew attention to the design. The sustainable and resource-saving power supply in the digital out-of-home area is also a special concern of Christian Dries, DAS Energy Managing Director: "We have come one step closer to our vision of integrating solar technology into the architecture and bringing electricity there, where there was no electricity yet. "
In addition to DAS Energy, ONTOPx acted as a supplier for the light sources integrated in the waiting hall. "We are very pleased that we can make a contribution to this unique project with our certified tubes, as our company also identifies very strongly with the issues of environmental protection and sustainability," says Christina Lindermann, Business Development Manager ONTOPx. The company, founded in 2003, is a specialist in the field of LED tubes with quality features such as TÜV or VDE certifications and will in future act as a strategic partner of EPAMEDIA in the supply of light sources.
The implementation of this unique pilot project and the cooperation with ONTOPx are further essential steps for EPAMEDIA on the way to a resource-saving and innovative future in the outdoor advertising market, which the market leader has already leveled with the provision of CO2-neutral campaigns. “With the“ waiting hall of the future ”we are consistently continuing our ecological focus and are proving that outdoor advertising, with its enormous development potential, also offers innovative solutions for current and future challenges,” said Ecker and Labschütz.

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