Golf Cart PV Module
Golf Cart PV Module
Put Energy into Your Drive on the Golf Course

Solar roof for your golf cart

Stand-alone mobility on the golf course

In times of the energy turnaround, solar technology is also gaining more and more importance on golf courses. DAS Energy has developed a perfect photovoltaic solution especially for golf carts, which is suitable for common golf cart models (Club Car, E-Z-Go, etc.). The lightweight yet robust solar roof allows roof installation with minimal effort and offers golfers an efficient and aesthetic solution for sustainable energy generation.  


The solar roof produces on sunny days enough electricity to extend the range up to 15%. The battery of the golf cart is conserved because it never completely discharges thanks to the additional power source on the roof. This extends the life of the battery by approx. 2 years.


GC Schladming-Dachstein

GC Fontana

GC Alcanada


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DAS Energy golf cart PV module