Balcony power system
Balcony power system
For balconies and patio railings

Start your own power production


What is a balcony power station? 

A balcony power station, also known as a mini PV system, consists of one or more solar modules that produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. In addition, there is an inverter that converts the electricity generated into alternating current. This energy can then either be used directly, stored in batteries or fed into the power grid.  

Good to know.

In principle, up to 800 watts may be fed into the electricity grid in Austria without being registered. However, there are different regulations in each federal state. We therefore recommend that you obtain information from your grid operator. 

For Lower Austria, see Grid Lower Austria topic Balcony power station registration


How do I use the balcony power station? 

After unpacking, there are just a few steps to follow and then the module is ready for use.  The module can be attached to a balcony railing or terrace railing using the fixing straps provided. Then the inverter comes into play, which is connected to the modules and the house socket by cable.

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Low weight 4 - 6 kg per module

The flexible DAS Energy balcony power plants are produced in Austria and are made of high-quality glass fibre reinforced plastic, which is located above and below the monocrystalline solar cells and is mainly responsible for the flexibility, stability and low weight of the module. 

A DAS Energy balcony power station therefore weighs only a few kilos and is easier to attach to the railing. Once the module has been installed, all you have to do is plug it into a socket - that's it! You can start producing your own electricity.

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Currently available at our Sales partner

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Balcony power plant SETs 

Balcony power plant SET 300Wp (1 module, WR 400 Watt)

Balcony power plant SET 300 Wp Expandable (1 module, 800 watt inverter)

Balcony power plant SET 600Wp (2 modules, inverter 800 watts)

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Scope of delivery of a balcony power station SET:

  • Depending on the set - 1, 2 or 4 flexible DAS Energy solar modules with mounting eyelets
  • HERF micro inverter 400Watt or HOYMILES micro inverter 800Watt (expandable set or 600Wp set)
  • Schuko plug
  • Solar cable with MC4 compatibility
  • Wifi smart plug
  • Fastening straps & cable ties
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