Balcony power system
Balcony power system
for balconies and patio railings

The light & flexible balcony power system

Start your own energy production

With the flexible and lightweight solar innovation from Austria, electricity production on the balcony becomes even easier and more convenient!


Image The light & flexible balcony power system

Only 4,5 kg or 6 kg per module

DAS Energy balcony power plants have the advantage that they weigh only a few kilos and are therefore easier to attach to the railing. Once the module is mounted, all you have to do is plug it into a socket - and you're done! Your own electricity production can begin.

Since in Austria up to 800 watts can be fed into the grid without registration, an inverter with 800 watts of inverter power is included. This means you can expand the balcony power plant at any time and connect more PV modules.

Because every balcony is different... 
300 Watt and 120 Watt

DAS Energy currently offers two formats

Balcony power plant 6x4 with 120 watts each 

Balcony power plant 10x6 with 300 watts each


Mounting options

DAS Energy PV modules are supplied with black plastic cable ties.


Lieferumfang eines Balkonkraftwerk SETs:

1 bzw. 2 flexible DAS Energy Photovoltaikmodule mit Befestigungsösen (300 WP Set bzw 600 Wp Set)

HERF-Mikrowechselrichter 400Watt bzw. 800Watt (Set Expandable bzw. 600Wp Set)

Schuko Stecker, Solarkabel mit MC4 kompatibel, Wifi smart plug